Trail for a podcast with no name yet

Please excuse the interruption, I just anted to tell you about my new podcast which you can find at It’s about creativity, innovation, technology, media and investment and should be available every Thursday.

In the first episode I talk to Ross Moffatt about a project he runs called Pop Up which works with young musicians in Northern Ireland. Also there are tow musicians he works with, Sonja Sleator and Stuart Lunn.

In the second episode I’m talking radio with U105 station manager Peter McVerry who has been in post for 10 years. I’ll ask him to reflect over him time doing the job and what to expect in the next 10 years, with U105 getting new owners and moving from their old studios at what was the UTV building.

Radio veteran John Rosborough will be there too to discuss the latest audience listening figures.

Subscribe here for now (rss) and here for iTunes, then later on other podcast providers.  Here is the first episode.

There is more about the interviewees here.

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