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Interview: The Irish Times

What processes does the Irish Times use to produce their podcasts?


Feature:  The Story So Far

Episode 21 – what have we covered so far?


Interview: No Such Thing as a Fish

Two of the people who produce one of the UK’s most popular podcasts – from the QI stable – tell their story.


Interview: Barbara McCann

Senior broadcaster and journailst Barbara McCann talks about reporting for radio

Intervivew: Maxine Mawhinney

The senior broadcaster and journalist talks about presenting on radio and TV


Interview: Malachi O’Doherty

The writer and broadcaster talks about his career in digital journalism

Report: Jukedeck

Create unique, royalty-free soundtracks for your podcasts

Interview: The Free Music Archive

Using the massive archive of royalty and rights free music online for your podcasts

Report: Why should communities podcast?

Interview: The Johnny Seifert 

Broadcaster and podcaster Johnny Seifert talks about podcasting skills.

Report: Podcasting – where do you start?

Interview: Olly Mann Interview

Leading podcaster and broadcaster Olly Mann talks about is trailblazing career

Interview: Willis McBrier on Sound Recording and Microphones

A sound engineer talks

The longer Willis McBrier on Sound Recording and Microphones

Interview:  Larry Gifford

How do you make podcasts? How do you make radio? Veteran broadcaster and podcaster Larry Gifford tells his story.

The longer version of the Larry Gifford Interview


The Project:

Podcasting for Journalism Students - Second Edition

Podcasting for Journalism Students” is a guide to help you and your team learn about podcast and  radio production. It is written by Davy Sims a 40 year veteran of BBC, radio, and web production.  The book is available for Kindle from Amazon. Combined with these podcasts and this blog, it is a simple introduction to production and is equally relevant to journalists setting out as radio broadcasters, podcasters, producers and managers.

Also Podcasting for Community Organisations  is adapted as a manual for people brand new to podcasting and broadcasting.


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