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BBC Public Purposes

BBC Charter

Hugh Sykes is a BBC radio reporter whose work I often use as an example of creative and inventive high quality radio. Here is just one example of his work that earned him 2nd prize at Prix Bayeux-Calvados

Sound Reporting: The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism and Production (Publisher – but widely available from online stores)


Jeremy Paxman on interviewing: 

Louis Heren in Wikipedia:

Journalism Training
If you want to learn about the profession of journalism and how to become a trained journalist, there is no better place in the UK than the National Council for the Training of Journalists
Books on Journalism
There is a short section here on journalism and ethics. That subject occupies many books. For an online version of NYU Journalism Handbook: Ethics, Law & Good Practice, do a web search for
New York University Journalism Ethics,

If you are new to social media and social networking Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations (Wikipedia) was published in 2008 and is still relevant.

Books on Radio Production
My own favourite Sound Reporting: The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism and Production, Jonathan Kern is published by University of Chicago Press.

I also suggest Radio Production: A Manual for Broadcasters by Robert McLeish published by Focal Press. It is from 1978, pre-digital but the fundamentals of radio don’t change that much.
Recommended Listening
Throughout the books, there references to broadcasters, unsurprisingly mostly BBC. If you are reading this outside the UK you can probably use the BBC Radio Player to listen to live and on demand radio.

American journalist and broadcaster, (Samuel) Studs Terkel interviewed the rich and famous, and the ordinary person, too. You will find the archive at

Alistair Cooke’s Letter From America is available as podcasts from the BBC website.


Submitting your podcast to iTunesfollow this link.

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Also, I will be adding links about podcasting that I come across which we all might find useful:

The 27 Steps To Get Your Podcast Into iTunes – The School of Podcasting

How to Publish your own Podcast on iTunes – Digital Inspiration

How to Start Your Own Podcast – Life Hacker




The Project:

“Podcasting for Communities” is a guide to help you and your team learn about podcast and community radio production.It is written by Davy Sims a 40 year veteran of BBC, radio, and web production.  The book is available for Kindle from Amazon. Combined with these podcasts and this blog, it is a simple introduction to production and is equally relevant to community radio broadcasters, producers and managers. Read more about it here on this blog.

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