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Let’s start with some history and some dates.

The Times (the London Times if you like) was named in 1788, the Times of India 50 years later in 1838. The New York Times was … 1851. The Irish Times started in Dublin in 1859.

Like the Guardian Newspaper – which is owned by the Scott Trust – the Irish Times Trust gives the publisher greater scope than those with more commercial obligations. In the digital age, it  was one of the first 30 newspapers in the world to go online when it had the domain – now owned by the Irish Tourism – and now, it is becoming a digital first publication.

Declan Conlon is The Irish Times’s podcast producer. Davy Sims and he met in their radio studio in a converted office just off the main newsroom.




The “Podcasting for …” Project:

“Podcasting for Communities” and “Podcasting for Journalism Students” are guides to help you and your team learn about podcast and community radio production. They are written by Davy Sims a 40 year veteran of BBC, radio, and web production.

Podcasting for Communities paperback here and e-book here

Podcasting for Student Journalists paperback here and e-book here.

Both books have essentially the same information.


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The ccmusic used in this podcast episode is  Cloudline from the Blue Dot Sessions’ Album K4. Find it on the Free Music Archive.  Downhill Racer by Blue Dot Sessions is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.

You can listen to the track in full here.

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