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In the book Podcasting for Communities, I outline five essential skills a podcaster or a radio production team need to perfect: writing … reading … interviewing … recording … and editing. In this edition of the Podcasting For … podcast, Larry Gifford talks about how he taught himself to write a script, what he has learned about interviewing , and working in a team.


“Role definition is vital whether you are doing a radio show or a podcast,” says Larry. “You need everyone to know what everyone else is doing. If my job is to meet the guest and have the intro and outro music ready to go, then that’s something the other people don’t need to worry about but they need to know what they are expected to do.”


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Larry has an impressive CV. He has just moved to Canada. His career, which began in 1990,  has taken him from the east of the country to the west coast, but it all began in the mid-west, in Columbus Ohio as what he calls a “catch-all employee” doing whatever needed to be done, including some on air work. Before too long he became a full time anchor and reporter. His first move was only about 70 miles when he began working on a news and talk morning show in Dayton Ohio. Then he headed east to become sports director of an FM station in Philadelphia.


From there he headed to the west coast where the idea of The Radio Stuff podcast was born.


“It takes a lot of steps to put together a podcast well. You can put together a podcast, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good podcast. So you need to sort out all the roles so the quality of the podcast is to your expectations and to the listeners’ expectations.


“I think sometimes we forget the listener has expectations of us as well. They are giving quality time out of their life to you. So it’s our responsibility as content creators, to make sure what we are providing them is worth the time they are giving.”


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The Project:

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