Some new resources The Turnaround and Audacity tips

I came across a couple of interesting and very useful resources which I want to let you know about. I’ll also be adding them to the Podcast Production Resources page here. In the Podcasting for books, Podcasting for Community Organisations (here on Amazon UK, but also available in other Amazon stores Kindle and paperback)  and Read more about Some new resources The Turnaround and Audacity tips[…]

Episode 21 – The story so far

As we reach episode 21 … this is the story so far.    In September 2016 Belfast journalist Malachi O’Doherty was the first voice on the first episode of what was then called “Podcasting For dot dot dot”. He talked about how digitising and archiving his work – audio and photographic – has changed the Read more about Episode 21 – The story so far[…]

“From Airwaves to Earbuds” – research on podcasting by Knight Foundation

“Podcasting and other forms of on-demand audio have the potential to foster a media landscape that lifts up the hidden stories and absent narratives of our diverse society, that reflects local communities, and that provides an open and accessible platform for innovation that can serve democracy’s future generations. But realizing that public-interest potential will take Read more about “From Airwaves to Earbuds” – research on podcasting by Knight Foundation[…]

The “Podcasting For …” project

With the publication of the second introduction to podcasting book, Podcasting for Journalism Students (for Kindle only) and with almost 20 podcasts produced already, I have decided to change the branding and expand from “Podcasting for Communities” to “The Podcasting For …” Project. The original idea remains the same: anyone who wants to podcast can. The Read more about The “Podcasting For …” project[…]

Barbara McCann – Broadcaster and Journalist

Barbara McCann has been a journalist in radio, television and print since the late 1970s. In this edition of “Podcasting for … (communities, journalism students, anyone interested)”, we talk about interviewing and writing for radio (and podcasts). Along with reading, writing, recording and editing, Interviewing is one of the key skills for podcast and radio Read more about Barbara McCann – Broadcaster and Journalist[…]

How long should a podcast be?

When I was about 12 or 13 and at school, a teacher would tell the class to write an essay or a report on something or another and the first question from my classmates would be “Sir, sir!” – they were almost all sirs. “Sir, how long sir?” When we were younger the answer would Read more about How long should a podcast be?[…]

Interview with Malachi O’Doherty

In this series I’m  talking to podcasters, producers, writers and broadcasters about their work and their approach to podcasting. In this episode I’m talking to Belfast journalist Malachi O’Doherty who I have known and worked with for around 30 years.  His was one of the first voices in this series. For the price a pot of Read more about Interview with Malachi O’Doherty[…]

Johnny Seifert: podcast and radio producer

Johnny Seifert is part of the production team at TalkRADIO in London. He is the showbiz expert and a producer on the Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast show. For his day to day work, he does the recorded and live showbiz bulletins, and he books and interviews celebrity guests.  He also produces a weekly podcast Read more about Johnny Seifert: podcast and radio producer[…]

Olly Mann interview

  You can download or subscribe to the podcast from iTunes   It’s more than 10 years since Olly Mann began podcasting. He is now one of the most prolific and popular podcasters in the UK. He and Helen Zaltzman started Answer Me This when hardly anyone recognised the word podcast. When the Guardian stopped making Read more about Olly Mann interview[…]

Interview – Larry Gifford of The Radio Stuff Podcast

In the book Podcasting for Communities, I outline five essential skills a podcaster or a radio production team need to perfect: writing … reading … interviewing … recording … and editing. In this edition of the Podcasting For … podcast, Larry Gifford talks about how he taught himself to write a script, what he has Read more about Interview – Larry Gifford of The Radio Stuff Podcast[…]