“From Airwaves to Earbuds” – research on podcasting by Knight Foundation

“Podcasting and other forms of on-demand audio have the potential to foster a media landscape that lifts up the hidden stories and absent narratives of our diverse society, that reflects local communities, and that provides an open and accessible platform for innovation that can serve democracy’s future generations. But realizing that public-interest potential will take Read more about “From Airwaves to Earbuds” – research on podcasting by Knight Foundation[…]

No Such Thing as a Fish – microphones and editing

Just before we start … I’ve just published the second book in the Podcasting For series – Podcasting for Journalism Students – it on Amazon for Kindle and you can get links and more information here. Davy   [Download and subscribe to the podcast: iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and Libsyn] Without wanting to sound like I’m singing Burt Bacharach Read more about No Such Thing as a Fish – microphones and editing[…]

Podcasting for Journalism Students

Available here on Amazon for Kindle  This book is aimed directly at young, trainee, or student journalists who are not specialising in broadcast media. It is an introduction to podcasting and broadcasting whether the reader wants to understand production on a professional level or simply because they want to produce podcasts for fun or to Read more about Podcasting for Journalism Students[…]

The “Podcasting For …” project

With the publication of the second introduction to podcasting book, Podcasting for Journalism Students (for Kindle only) and with almost 20 podcasts produced already, I have decided to change the branding and expand from “Podcasting for Communities” to “The Podcasting For …” Project. The original idea remains the same: anyone who wants to podcast can. The Read more about The “Podcasting For …” project[…]

Barbara McCann – Broadcaster and Journalist

Barbara McCann has been a journalist in radio, television and print since the late 1970s. In this edition of “Podcasting for … (communities, journalism students, anyone interested)”, we talk about interviewing and writing for radio (and podcasts). Along with reading, writing, recording and editing, Interviewing is one of the key skills for podcast and radio Read more about Barbara McCann – Broadcaster and Journalist[…]

Maxine Mawhinney talks about interviewing

As an anchor on the BBC News channel, Maxine Mawhinney probably spends more time interviewing than anything else. The interviewees will be in the studio or remote – somewhere else in the country or really, anywhere in the world. Sometimes they will be in a different studio, or on Skype or a phone. She will Read more about Maxine Mawhinney talks about interviewing[…]